I am originally from the San Francisco Bay area. However, for the past 3 decades, I've been living and working in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Photography has been a lifelong, albeit closted passion. In the past several years I have committed to furthering my education and experience in order to re-create my image making on a more professional level.


Besides being a graduate of The New York Institute of Photography, I keep busy shooting for local non-profits, concert venues, and private clients I feel honored to volunteer my time to numerous organizations within my foothill community. 


I have experience in event photography, portraiture, live theater, fine art, low-light, architecture and night photography. By incorporating the tasteful application of chiaroscuro, the dramatic effect of contrasting light and dark, into my work, I strive to capture the beauty of our world and the human condition. Showcasing the female nude as an art form, is my passion. I find it easy to see the beauty of women at every age through my lens. 


Other than my passion for photography and community service, I enjoy vegan cooking, feel passionate about environmental causes and the re-homing of ex-racing Greyhounds. When I'm not picture making, I spend time hiking with my family and three rescue hounds, eating and playing music with our friends and just loving my unpredictable life.


I attribute the success of this venture to my husband Clark, my fellow photographers, photography teachers/mentors and the encouragement of my fearless friend and talented artist, Deb Foxen.


For bookings or inquires contact Darby Allison Photography